Flowers – Photographing Indoors

Purchased flowers provide a great opportunity to creatively practice your photography skills during the winter months. Anything in your home can be used as background. To my surprise, the insect in the bottom photograph hitched a ride on one of the flowers I purchased!



  1. Wow, well I hope that bug was able to find a place to stay… ๐Ÿ˜‰ At this time of year, I guess he doesn’t have much of a chance. And maybe it woudln’t be right to put him outside anyway – who knows, maybe he came from a tropical locale and carries some tiny parasite that would do damage to your region. In any case, the flowers are are lovely, the bug is fabulous, and I agree, at this time of year, buying flowers can be just what one needs to do, to keep sanity intact and the juices flowing.


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