Flower Photography – Lensbaby

LensbabySony a6000; Lensbaby Sol 45; 1/200 Sec; ISO 250

I bought this lens a year ago and was really frustrated with the results of my photography sessions. No matter how I adjusted the lens or bokeh blades my photos left a lot to be desired. Yet many photographs taken by others with this lens were amazing. Why theirs and not mine?

Initially, we were not a good fit. The whole purpose of the Lensbaby is to create soft, dreamy photographs. I am someone who strives to create clear, sharp photographs.  I suddenly realized when using this lens I was just shooting to shoot. So I set out to create one really sharp area in an image and let the rest just happen through adjusting the bokeh blades. Much happier with the results and this lens has become a whole lot of fun!


  1. I also bought a Lensbaby ages ago that I’ve sort of abandoned for much the same reasons – but I think I will have another go , so thanks for the inspiration and encouragement I got from your post! It’s a lovely shot ,,,,


  2. Thanks. I would give it another try. Most people I personally know that have a Lensbaby lens have gotten frustrated and put it away. I am glad I took it out again! Good luck. Will watch for a lensbaby photo!


  3. I keep looking at the various Lensbaby models but I already have a collection of weird lenses that I don’t get chance to use often enough.


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