Abstract Photography – Before – After

My photography club sent out an abstract photo challenge. It was quite fun. I put some flowers in a vase and moved the camera vertically as I pressed the shutter speed. I achieved little success in capturing a total in camera image. But I did find a photo within the photo. Sony 6000a; f/8; .8 sec; ISO 125

Looked for interesting patterns within the photograph. Processed both of these images with Photoshop Elements and with Topaz Studio 2.

Flower Photography – Close Up

Sony 6000a with Canon Macro Lens: f/8; 1/250 sec; ISO 2500; 60mm

Normally I shoot most of my flower photographs in bright lit settings. This time I tried something new. It was evening and the room was lit with one dim lamp. By really increasing my ISO it picked up the variance of light illuminating the flower casting a sheen effect. Think I will try this more often. Would like to hear any suggestions for other indoor lighting. I don’t usually photograph indoors. But given it’s winter in the Midwest. I am desperate.