Abstract Photography – Before – After

My photography club sent out an abstract photo challenge. It was quite fun. I put some flowers in a vase and moved the camera vertically as I pressed the shutter speed. I achieved little success in capturing a total in camera image. But I did find a photo within the photo. Sony 6000a; f/8; .8 sec; ISO 125

Looked for interesting patterns within the photograph. Processed both of these images with Photoshop Elements and with Topaz Studio 2.

Photography – Garden Fountain – Lensbaby

Bubbles-sWe have this fountain that lights up on our patio. So last night around dusk I decided to try my Sol 45 Lensbaby lens on my Sony a6000. So far I have only used it for flower photography. The lens faired pretty well under the light conditions and was able to capture the bubbles while keeping the water streams smooth.