Photography – Capturing the Sun

“Nothing is hidden under the sun.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Samsung S9 – f/2.4; ISO-50; 1/276 sec.

A couple of weeks ago my camera club went on an outing to the Chicago Garfield Park Conservatory. The sun was shining full force through the glass ceiling above casting rays of sun on portions of botanicals throughout. I decided to take photographs with both my camera and phone. To my surprise, my phone captured the sun lit plants much better than my camera!

Jellyfish – iPhone Photography

Floating Along-Jan Williams, Small Color HM

“Life is a beautiful, magnificent thing, even to a jellyfish.” Charlie ChaplinBlue jellyfish

We received an invitation to an event at the Chicago Shedd Aquarium a while back which included a private viewing of the traveling jellyfish exhibit. There were a variety of jellyfish in the tanks that were backlit with different colors.

It never occurred to me to bring a DSLR camera. At the time I owned an iPhone 6 plus which I had with me and decided to use it. Both of these photographs were taken with that iPhone and processed in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements. The background was eliminated and filled in with black. I realized then to never underestimate the power of mobile photography. Don’t think my DSLR camera would have captured a better photo.